Universal fixing frame for system for construction waste

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Technical description:

  • Dimension: 50 cm x 150 cm x 70 cm
  • Content: 1 pc main frame + 2 pcs horns
  • Material: Steel
  • Cover: Paint, grey color
  • Tube thickness: 2 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Origin: Bulgaria
  • Art # 80 01 150 04

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Universal fixing frame for system for construction waste

Pictures of a Universal fixing frame for system for construction waste

You can see the following pictures of the product:

  • Product photo.
  • Photo with the frame and chutes application.
  • Photo with mounting / demounting of the chain

What is the product used for ?

The steel frame serves to:

  • Fasten the hoper chute to:
    • Scaffolding or building wall.
  • It is also used for intermediate stabilization of the chute system for higher building sites.

For whom is this the right product – client profile:

The product is intended for use from:

  • Professional construction teams.
  • Home craftsmen.
  • People who prefer to carry out home or villa repair themselves.
  • The product can be used by people of all ages.

Djodi Trade Ltd. warnst you: Keep children away! – danger of injury.

From what is the product made of ?

The frame is made of angular steel frame. Extremely durable – withstand up to 10 chutes.

What are the special benefits and advantages of the product ?

The universal fixing frame for system for construction waste provides:

  • Stability and durability of the waste disposal sleeve during waste disposal.
  • Suitable for fixing both to scaffolding and to building, construction.
  • The frame mounting is quick and easy, no special skills are required.

Djodi Trade Ltd. gives you special attention!
Using the universal fixing frame, you can build high attitude waste disposal by using a metal anchor for the rubbish chute approximately at every 10 meters.

Operation recommendations

For what can the product be used and for what not?

  • The universal fixing frame is designed for the construction industry, for professional construction brigades, which carry out repairs and construction activities, as well as for use in repairing-building activities at home.
  • Attaches to the slab or scaffolding with clamps.
  • Installation of the frame is done by means of clamps to a building or scaffolding – because of the weight of the frame, the installation must be carried out by a minimum of 2 persons.

We at DJODI Trade team recommend the frame to be used for its intended purpose.

Product storage advices – How to stay longer durable and saved ?

  • The most suitable location for storage of the universal fixing frame is in a dry enclosed room such as a closet, cellar, garage, warehouse, workshop, etc.
  • Keep the frame covered – it provides protection against corrosion even during prolonged periods of humidity.
  • It is advisable to prophylactically clean and spray the damaged areas (preferably gray – anticorrosive).

Why should I buy the product ?

  • The universal fixing frame is a required part of system for construction waste for any kind of construction work, whether new or repair activities.
  • The frame guarantees stability of the system and thus ensures safe removal of shattered building material to the waste collection container.
  • Our advice, as well as that of the manufacturer, is that the frame must be used together with the remaining elements of the waste disposal system.

Warranty and product service

  • The universal fixing frame has a factory warranty by receiving.
  • Additional warranty terms are specified when purchasing the product.
  • DJODI Trade does not have spare parts for the product.
  • Claims for damage to the product as a result of misconduct are not accepted.
  • For longer product life, please observe our RECOMMENDATIONS for operation.

Djodi Trade Ltd advises:  Please take care for you system for construction waste to use it for a long time!



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  1. Kenward Sean

    The frame has an extremely robust structure. It is easily mounted on scaffolding and allows easy disposal of construction waste.

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