Wheelbarrow (construction trolleys), these are hand trucks that are widely used in construction for the transport of all kinds of materials and inventory. Their name derives from the fact that the trolleys are one wheel.

“The term “wheelbarrow” is made of two words: “wheel” and “barrow.” “Barrow” is a derivation of the Old English “bearwe” which was a device used for carrying loads.” – Wikipedia

Models offered by DJODI Trade

  • DJODI Trade Ltd. is an importer of hand trucks and offers a wide variety of this item. Here you can find models with a capacity from 70l (about 90kg) to 120l (200kg).
  • The bin can be metallic – galvanized or polypropylene.
  • There is a variation of a construction trolley with a specially designed narrow bin to pass through a 60 cm construction hole.
  • There are models of hand trucks with a rigged catwalk for the platform, but there is also a reversed basket for easy load pouring.
  • All models of construction trolleys offered by Jody Trade have ergonomic handles and suitable wheels to provide easy transport and handling

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