Rubbish Chute – Haemmerlin

Material: Polypropylene
Wall thickness: 5 to 7,5 mm
Ribbed thickness: 1.5 mm.
Strength: 1 000 kg/chain
Safe fixation with a trigger release
Overall length: 1.10 m.
Useful length: 0.85 m.
Inner diameter (top): 505 mm.
Inner diameter (bottom): 380 mm.
Outer diameter: 540 mm.
Overall width: 620 mm.
Weight: 7.90 kg.
Origin: Haemmerlin France
Art No. 80 21 110 04

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Rubbish Chute for construction waste

Purpose of a rubbish chute

A construction waste chute, also known as a construction waste pipe or sleeve, is used to quickly and safely remove the garbage from the area of the building site concerned. It is used for both new construction and repair work.

Advantages of the rubbish chute

  1. It is injected monolithically with high quality polypropylene to produce a lightweight, sturdy and impact-resistant product.
  2. Internal ribbing for extra strength. Reinforced locking system with safety mechanism.
  3. Reinforced locking system with safety mechanism (exclusively for Haemmerlin)

About the Djodi Trade Ltd. rubbish chute

Loose material chute are the result of in-depth research and development to improve the quality and safety of the work site.

The Djodi Trade Ltd. chutes are equipped with a wide range of fastening frames – for scaffolding, bunkers and hand cable winches.

The construction waste chute system has two installation options:

  • Direct grip to the building.
  • Attachment using a frame on a scaffold.