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Technical description:

  • Total length: 1,10 m
  • Working length: 0,85 m
  • Inner diameter (upper part): 507 mm
  • Inner diameter (lower part): 380 mm
  • Outside diameter: 515 / 395 mm
  • Wall thickness: from 5 to 7,5 mm
  • Ribs thickness: 1,5 mm
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Total width (hooks incl.): 620 mm
  • Weight: 8,20 kg
  • Origin: Haemmerlin, France
  • Art # 80 21 110 04

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Rubbish Chute for construction waste

You can see the following pictures of the product:

  • Product picture.
  • Photo with the frame and chutes application.
  • Photo with mounting / demounting of the chain.

What is the product used for ?

  • The rubbish chute is used to quickly and safely remove garbage from multi-storey building sites. It is used mostly for the disposal of crushed concrete, bricks, tiles, etc.
  • It is intended for use in both new construction and repair work.

For whom is this the right product – client profile:

The construction waste system is intended for use from:

  • Professional construction teams.
  • Home craftsmen.
  • People who prefer to carry out home or villa repair themselves.
  • The rubbish chute is intended for use by people of all ages.

Djodi Trade Ltd. warnst you: Keep children away! – danger of injury.

From what is the product made of ?

  • The rubbish chute injected monolithically with high-quality polypropylene to produce a lightweight, rugged and impact-resistant product.
  • The rubbish chute has internal ribs for extra strength.
  • To connect the chutes to a construction waste system, they are equipped with an extremely robust and load-bearing chain.

What are the special benefits and advantages of the product ?

  • The construction waste chute has a reinforced locking system with a safety mechanism. This bonding system ensures stability of the chute column during the waste disposal. It also prevents breakage in case of overload.
  • The secure hook ensures stable chain retention and prevents accidental release.
  • The system for construction waste comes with two mounting options – directly on the building or using a frame on a scaffolding.
  • The installation of the chutes is quick and easy, no special skills are required.
  • The system saves the hard physical labor required to carry the heavy bags to the waste container.

Operation recommendations

For what can the product be used and for what not?

  • The rubbish chute is intended to be used together with the hoper chute for construction waste and the recommended system / frame for mounting on a building / scaffoldin.

We at DJODI Trade team recommend: the chutes to be used only in this configuration and there shouldn’t be a subject to external pressure.

Product storage advices – How to stay longer durable and saved ?

  • The most suitable storage site for the construction waste system is in a dry enclosed room such as a closet, a cellar, a garage, a warehouse, a workshop, and so on.
  • When demounted from the system for construction waste, the chutes can be placed in one another without the risk of jamming and damaging each other – !!WARNING – Chute chains should not fall between the chutes due to the risk of jamming!
  • By prolonged exposure to sunlight, the color of the chute may fade and its resistance will be impaired.
  • It is important: Keep away from sources of heat and direct fire due to the risk of deformation!

Why should I buy the product ?

  • Due to the material they are made of, the chutes are characterized by high mechanical elasticity.
  • The system provides safe removal of the shredded building material to the waste collection container.
  • The system for building is a practical convenience in any kind of repair, construction and other similar activities at home and the villa.

Warranty and product service

  • The rubbish chute has a factory warranty by receiving.
  • Additional warranty terms are specified when purchasing the product.
  • DJODI Trade does not have spare parts for the product.
  • Claims for damage to the product as a result of misconduct are not accepted.
  • For longer product life, please observe our RECOMMENDATIONS for operation.

Djodi Trade Ltd advises:  Please take care for you system for construction waste to use it for a long time!



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    Very useful and comfortable product. Exceptionally high product quality of the product.

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