Transport cart / ladder DJTR 120

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Technical description:

Load capacity: 120 kg – ladder and 60 kg – cart
Weight: 8,1 kg
Ladder sizes: 735 mm (width) x 470 mm (length) x 1 190 mm (height)

Step sizes: 200 х 380 mm

Number of steps: 3 pcs.

Cart sizes: 440 х 490 х 1 265 mm

Platform sizes: 390 х 280 mm

Wheel: 2 pcs. Solid wheels ø 100 mm
Material: Aluminum
Origin: Taiwan
Art. # 92 60 120 05

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Pictures and video of Transport cart / ladder DJTR 120

You can see the following pictures and video of the product:

  • Product photo
  • Photos with application of the cart
  • Image with product dimensions:
    • + Height compared to our “cart guru ” Marian
  • Video – instructions for use

What is the product used for?

The transport cart/ladder DJTR 120 in its cart version is SUITABLE for carrying goods and goods such as textiles, children’s and groceries, all beverages, cans, and building materials (sand, cement, etc.) weighing within the recommended range , for musical equipment, and for any bulk cargo up to 60 kg.

The construction of the Transport cart / Ladder DJTR 120 is NOT suitable for carrying barrels, fireplaces, white goods, furniture with large dimensions and above the recommended weight of 60 kg.

The transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 in its ladder version is perfect for home use such as high shelves and cabinets, changing lights and any refreshment or other repairs.

For whom is the product suitable – client profile:

Transport cart / ladder 120 AL is recommended for use by people of all ages. It is NOT recommended for use by children, pregnant women and people with disabilities. The cart / ladder can be used for loading and unloading any cargo up to 60 kg, and for light refreshments or other home repairs and, if necessary, to reach high shelves and cabinets.

What is the product made of?

The transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 AL is a sturdy aluminum structure and two-wheeled tires.

What are the special benefits and advantages of the product?

The transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 AL is very stable and extremely durable cart. Robust and lightweight aluminum frame. The upper part of the handle has a special coating for a more comfortable grip. It is suitable for street flooring – pavement, asphalt and for home use – on linoleum, carpet, laminate, mosaic. In seconds, only two movements move from the cart to the ladder.

Operation recommendations

For what can Transport cart / ladder DJTR 120 be used and for what not?

The transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 AL MUST NOT be used for transporting objects heavier than 60 kg but as a ladder to be used by people weighing up to 120 kg. We at DJODI Trade team personally tested the cart / ladder in a ladder position and it was able to withstand 100 kg of load on its top step. When using the maximum load capacity, the cart should be used with extreme caution, and it is advisable to load up to 40 kg at regular intervals. We recommend that the maximum weight of the load be taken into account:

  • Load center of gravity
  • The behavior of the cart depending on the load

Product storage tips – How to stay durable and saved longer?

That the transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 AL is made entirely of aluminum, eliminates the risk of damping due to corrosion.

However, it is best to keep the cart in a closed room such as a closet, a basement, a garage, a warehouse, a workshop, and so on.

Why should I buy the product?

DJODI Trade is a direct importer of the Taiwanese cart for 10 years. The transport cart / ladder DJTR 120 AL is suitable for use at home as it can be used to transport construction materials and then expand for use. A robust construction is a guarantee of a long life.

Warranty and product service

The transport cart/ ladder DJTR 120 AL has a factory warranty on receipt. DJODI Trade offers replacement product wheels that can be purchased additionally.

Additional warranty terms are specified when purchasing the product.

No claims for damage to the product as a result of misconduct are accepted.

For longer product life, please observe our Operation recommendations p.6 and p.7

Please take care for your cart so it can take care for you too!

Have you ever had to move a few boxes to … for example the garage, and have to put them to the top shelf, but you can not reach it? Here’s the perfect solution for you.

When renovating at home, you often have to move from one place to another along with all the tools / materials and get to otherwise high places in the room.

If you are not a heavyweight boxer weighing over 120 kg, the cart / ladder is perfect for you.

For ladies – do you remember that upper corner of the window that you can never reach and clear?

This carriages will become your true helper , and you will not wait for your husband to come back and carry a heavy box that stands in a corner and you hear every day – “When I come back I’ll move it”

Additional information

Weight8.30 kg

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    Very good combination of a transport cart and a ladder. You carry the luggage and arrange it even in high shelves

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