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Technical description:

  • Load capacity: 200 kg
  • Weight: 13,4 kg
  • Sizes mainstream cart: 670 (length) х 540 (width) х 1270 mm (height)
  • Sizes platform cart: 670 х 700 х 870 mm (height)
  • Sizes main platform: 598 х 187 mm
  • Sizes folding platform: 320 х 420 mm
  • Wheels: 2 pcs.ø 260 mm, 2 pcs. auxiliary wheels ø 120 mm
  • Wheel material: Main wheels – plastic rim and pneumatic tire, helmets – plastic rim and hard drive

Show Dimensions: Length, Width, Height

  • Material: Steel
  • Manufacturer: Haemmerlin
  • Origin: France
  • Art. # 92 14 200 01

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Доставка до: 1-3 дни
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Transport cart DJTR 950 ST – consumer information

Pictures and video of a Transport cart DJTR 950 ST

You can see the following pictures and video of the product:

  • Product photo.
  • Photos with application of the cart.
  • Image with product dimensions:
    • Height compared to our “cart guru ” Marian.
  • Video – instructions for use.

What is the product used for?

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST is SUITABLE for carrying goods and goods such as textiles, children’s and groceries, all beverages, cans and drums, fireplaces and construction materials (sand, cement, etc.) weighing within the recommended limits, musical equipment, furniture, white goods, generators, fireplaces and for any bulk cargo up to 200 kg. Innovative breaking axles make thetransport cart DJTR 950 ST ideal for use on stairs and uneven surfaces.

For whom is the product suitable – client profile:

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST is recommended for use by people of all ages. It is not recommended for use by children, pregnant women and people with disabilities. The transport cart can be used for loading and unloading and transporting any cargo up to 200 kg.

What is the product made of?

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST has a sturdy steel construction and two-wheel with inflatable tires and two auxiliary wheels.

The transport cart DJTR 946 ST is a sturdy steel construction and two-wheel-drive with inflatable tires, a magnet platform, a cart system that includes two auxiliary wheels, two straps and a spring mechanism.

What are the special benefits and advantages of the product?

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST is an extremely innovative solution for transporting different loads. Stable and extremely durable. Thanks to the breaking axes, the Haemmerlin patent, the cart easily and without a problem overcomes any unevenness – even the stairs are not an obstacle for the “smart wheels”. The rounded handle provides easier maneuverability. The two extra straps at the base of the frame protect the load from rubbing in the tires and, together with the additional drop platform, provide more space for bulky loads. In seconds, it turns from a simple into a platform cart for transporting longer and bigger loads.
The tires are inflatable and this makes it suitable for any flooring – pavement, asphalt, tiles, including uneven surfaces.

Operation recommendations

For  what can the product be used and for what not?

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST should be used for objects weighing up to 200 kg.
It is advisable to inflate each direto a maximum of 1.5 bar.
We at DJODI Trade feel that the cart issuitable for loads up to 200 kg.
When using the maximum load capacity, the cart has to be used with caution and it is advisable to load up to 150 kg at regular intervals. We recommend that the maximum weight of the load be taken in to account:

  • Load center of gravity.
  • The behavior of the cart depends on the load.

Product storage tips – How to stay durable and saved longer?

It is best to keep the transport cart DJTR 950 ST in a DRY enclosed room – closet, cellar, garage, storage, workshop, etc. To avoid damage due to corrosion.

Why should I buy the product?

DJODI Trade is a direct importer of this cart from France for 10 years. The transport cart DJTR 950 ST is suitable for transporting large items at home, repairing or working in warehouses, construction and shops.
A robust construction is a guarantee of a long life.

Warranty and product service

The transport cart DJTR 950 ST has a factory warranty on receipt. Additional warranty terms are specified when purchasing the product. DJODI Trade offers replacement product wheels that can be purchased additionally. No claims for damage to the product as a result of misconduct are accepted.
For longer product life, please observe our Operation recommendations.


Djodi Trade Ltd advises:  Please take care for your cart so it can take care for you too!



Additional information

Weight18.1 kg
Dimensions63 × 125 × 50 cm

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  1. Jack

    Perfect trolley. I use her at the villa. I carry building materials, wood, pots, luggage. Convenient to use and easy to change – straight and platform

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