Garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100

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Technical description:

  • Load capacity: 140 kg
  • Weight: 12 kg
  • Dimensions platform: 600 (length) x 1550 (width) x 700 mm (height)
  • Tray: Plastic
  • Frame: Whole frame ø 30 mm
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Wheels: Pneumatic ø 380 mm
  • Origin: Italy
  • Art. № 90 11 100 04
Доставка до: 1-3 дни
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Pictures of a garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100

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What is the purpose of a garden whellbarrow DJTR 100 gardenr?

This model wheelbarrow has a capacity of 100 liters and is an ideal helper for your garden. You can:

  • Easily carry flowers, seedlings or ready-made produce;
  • Throw away garden waste like grass, branches, straw or other garbage.

For whom is this the right product – client profile:

The garden wheelbarrow 100 is recommended for use by:

  • Users of all ages;
  • Perfect for companies that are engaged in landscaping;
  • Garden enthusiast with their own yard.

This model wheelbarrow is not recommended for use by:

  • Children.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People with disability.

What are the main components of the garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100 are ?

  • A plastic tray with a stabilizer;
  • A non-removable frame;
  • Rubber handles.
  • A pneumatic wheel.

What are the special benefits and advantages of the product?

The garden wheelbarrow 100 is a great helper for cleaning the garden.

  • Simple design, providing easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance;
  • The large tow in front helps you to tip over the garden waste easily and quickly;
  • Plastic tray with a capacity of 100 liters;
  • Trouble-free driving and moving of the trolley, provided by:
    • Ergonomic handles are rubber-coated for extra grip comfort;
    • The centrally positioned pneumatic wheel provides reliable and soft ride on any terrain, including grass.

Operation recommendations

For what can the product be used for and for what not ?

  • The garden wheelbarrow is used to transport garden waste such as grass, branches and trunks, halm, etc.
  • The plastic tray is not designed for heavy building materials – it can be deformed.
  • We from DJODI Trade team recommend: that you do not overload with materials that weight more than 140kg. Otherwise there is a risk of overturning or an accident.
  • Careful use of the frame is recommended to avoid rust and subsequent corrosion. In the absence of coating on the frame it is highly recommended to immediately apply primer for rust and paint.

Product storage advice – how to stay longer durable and in best shape?

  • We recommend to store the garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100 in a DRY closed-type room – closet, cellar, garage, storage, workshop, etc to avoid damage and aging of the material due to adverse external conditions.
  • Do not leave it near fire due to the danger of deformation of the tray from high temperature. The tray is not designed for heavy building materials – it can lead to deformation.

Why should I buy the garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100?

  • DJODI Trade is a direct importer of the Italian wheelbarrows from 2008 and during the years we have confirmed that the price / quality of the product matches.
  • This model cart is:
    • Comfortable;
    • Maneuverable;
    • Minimizes the physical effort required to control the trolley and move the load.
  • With its large tray, the wheelbarrow DJTR 100 saves time and effort.

Warranty and product service

  • The garden wheelbarrow DJTR 100 has a factory warranty by receiving.
  • Additional warranty terms are specified when purchasing the product.
  • Claims for damage to the product as a result of misconduct are not accepted.
  • DJODI Trade can offer spare wheel.
  • For longer product life, please observe our RECOMMENDATIONS for operation.

Djodi Trade Ltd advises:  Please take care for your cart so it can take care for you too!



Additional information

Weight12 kg
Dimensions155 × 60 × 80 cm

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PDF - Assembling instructions

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All models of transport, platform and wheelbarrow carts bought from Djodi Trade are packed and delivered to the customers disassembled.

  • Assembly instructions are available for download for free.
  • They show:
    • all steps of the assembly process in their specific order;
    • all parts and fasteners that you will use.
  • Please follow the assembly instructions carefully because this ensures a fully-functional product!


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  1. Terry Lochlainn

    Good model trolley for the private yard and garden. Good price and quality.

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