Frame Facade Scaffolding GD 42/48

Technical characteristics

Built from steel tubes St37 – 2 with DIN Ø 42/ Ø 48 x 2,50 m

Dimensions of module

  • Width – 0,74 m
  • Length – 2,50 m
  • Height – 2,00 m
  • Constructed of non-deformable frames 2 m / 0,74 m
  • Covering: Painted/Galvanized


  • БДС DIN EN 12810 – 1:2003
  • ITTÜV DIN EN 12810 – 1:2003


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Frame Facade Scaffolding GD 42/48 – purpose

Frame Facade Scaffolding GD 42/48 are respectively GD 42 and GD 48. These are the modular facade scaffolding. They are used in facade, repair, interior, insulation and other construction activities.

The main structural elements can be produced in two versions and they provide load capacity:

  • For GD 42 – 200 kg. / m2
  • For GD 48 – 250 kg. / m2

This type of facade scaffolding provides the two main functions of this type of facility:

  • Safe access at height of the object you are working on.
  • Provide convenience and security of the work process.

From the very name – facade scaffolding, it becomes clear that these are a facility used outdoors. Therefore, besides the requirements for the construction, the material, the safety of the joints, there are specific requirements for strengthening the scaffolding to the object. These prescriptions are based on the height at which the scaffolding will be built and the width to be covered.

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