Aluminum three sector ladders 3×11


Moving the ladder from one position to another is easy thanks to the sliding mechanism.

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Aluminum three sector ladders 3 x 11 – description

Aluminum three sector ladders 3×11 is a facility that consists of three connected elements, which have 11 pcs. transverse steps. The ladder is a height-of-work facility and therefore its construction must be robust. It should also be lightweight for easy carrying. According to these two characteristics, this model ladder is made of aluminum.

Video instruction for the use of three sectoral ladders:

Aluminum three sector ladders 3×11 can be used as a regular or double as well as a propped ladder. It is equipped with an additional element for safe use. Brackets with locking mechanism added. There is a limitation for the opening width of the aluminum ladder. The wide base and additional supports provide greater stability and grip.

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Weight18 kg
Dimensions315 × 47 × 17 cm
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