Aluminum Scaffolding “Multi 5 in 1”


Maximum working height as scaffolding: 3,00 – 3,90 m
Maximum working height as a ladder: 2,50 – 3,85 m.
Work platform 0,46m x 1,30m: 1 pc
Load capacity: 100 kg / m2
Material: aluminum
Adjustable level at every 30 cm
Fast scaffolding / ladder conversion
Certificates: NF E 85-200, EN 131

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Main functionalities of aluminum scaffolding “Multi 5 in 1”

Aluminum Scaffolding “Multi 5 in 1” is multifunctional and can be used both as a scaffolding and as a ladder. It is suitable for use in short repairs and service maintenance.

  • Easy assembly with screws and nuts.
  • There is a possibility of level compensation.
  • It is transformed quickly thanks to the stairs equipped with hinges with automatic locking.
  • It is limited to 1 section.
  • Considerably less weight than steel scaffolding.
  • There are 4 stabilizers, 2 at each end of the ladder.
  • The platform has an anti-slip surface.

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Additional information

Weight23 kg
Dimensions145 × 54 × 29 cm